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  1. Valeryana

    I gave a dog a blowjob a few months ago. Ever since, my craving for more dog cock has been ridiculous.

    Ah I understand you. Giving blowjobs to a dog's penis is a hell of an experience, I actually became zoophilic due to dog's sperm. I think every zoophilic that is into male dogs would tell you that one of the main reasons why we like sex with male dogs is their cum, it's tasty, very liquid and...
  2. Valeryana

    Bump if you've just had sex with your dog

    Bump! Currently trying to release all the cum that is inside me now.
  3. Valeryana

    Ladies Please Explain apparent love for sucking on dogs

    There's no comparison in the amount and type of cum. A dog's cum is around 6 times more abundant than a man's. And not to talk about their pre-ejaculate fluid, it's not only really tasty, but it's constantly being released while you suck. Sucking a dog's dick is something that once you try it...
  4. Valeryana

    Como fue tu primera experiencia?

    Yo no empecé hace mucho con perros, ahora tengo 29 pero mi primera experiencia en esto fue hace 5 años, a mis 24. Varios años antes que eso había dado con porno zoofílico y me llamó mucho la atención, pero estuvo así años en mi mente dando vueltas como una fantasía imposible. Me parecía muy...
  5. Valeryana

    Monogamy vs. polygamy

    Well I have two dogs, I think that rules out monogamy already. But I also have sex with men sometimes, without getting in a relationship in my case.
  6. Valeryana

    What is one of your Fantasies?

    Right now to be able to have sex with my two dogs at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about DP, I'm talking about sucking a dick while the other one is knotted inside. I have to make them take turns to fuck me as they get too impatient while the other is at it and they bother...
  7. Valeryana

    How loud do you like getting with your animals?

    I moan a lot, but not too loud, that goes for sex with both men or dogs. I may get loud during the fuck itself, specially if it gets too rough and hard. Although I tend to moan more softly during the best part, which is when I'm knotted and rubbing my clit. Then I may get a bit loud again once...
  8. Valeryana

    Fucked by more than one dog on a single session

    I have two dogs. I usually have sex with the two of them every night, not at the same time of course. Sometimes if I'm too tired, it's just one of them or none. But usually I have a fuck session with each one every night.