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  1. Supernova73

    Steps in becoming a dog-lover [F/M]

    step three, surrender :-)
  2. Supernova73

    Transgender Zoophiles?

    Any post-op women have experience with mounting and or possible knotting?
  3. Supernova73


    Thank you So much, everyone is so nice here!
  4. Supernova73


    Thank you Vanessa, I look forward to chatting as soon as i'm able :-)
  5. Supernova73

    What do you wear in bed?

    Sometimes undies and PJ bottoms, sometimes nothing.
  6. Supernova73

    At what age did you first get turned on by animals?

    I'm pretty sure it was 13-14, It was my first sexual experience at my uncles and their collie really enjoyed licking me. I can't even recall how it started either.
  7. Supernova73


    It's been great, very friendly :-)
  8. Supernova73


    Hiya, and Thank you!
  9. Supernova73


    Thank you very much, i don't think i can DM yet though.
  10. Supernova73

    BD Rex is he worth it

    Thank you, new here. I was looking for something to start with and this thread was very helpful!
  11. Supernova73


    I'm new here, although not without some minor experience. Anyways i'm looking to chat and possibly explore. Thanks :-)