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  1. VoyeurGraham

    A Question for Guys into Mares

    I've noticed a slight difference between the size of a human dick and that of a horse. It seems to me that fucking a mare wouldn't get her very excited. Obviously, I know nothing about the sensitivity of a horse vagina. Does the mare get much out of being fucked by a man?
  2. VoyeurGraham

    Purpose of Zooville

    I think it would be great if all the members wrote something about themselves in the About section of their profile. Doesn't this site exist so like minded people can get to know each other?
  3. VoyeurGraham

    Do You Have Any Heroes in the World of Beastiality?

    Mine would be Adam from Zooskool and Art of Zoo for risking a great deal and spending so much of his life making great movies. He has spent about 20 years spreading the beauty of beastiality around the world. Of course, that would not have been possible without the great ladies that starred in...
  4. VoyeurGraham

    Ladies Please Explain apparent love for sucking on dogs

    I've seen women giving blow jobs in real life and videos. None of them are as enthusiastic, hungry as the women I've watched sucking a dogs cock. The sucking and swallowing seems to satisfy a carnal lust only a canine can satisfy. Is it just my imagination, or do you ladies absolutely love...