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  1. Shadow69

    What’s your favorite car?

    1968 Yenko Super Camaro
  2. Shadow69

    Ban The User Above You!

    banned for assuming pronouns... Who says I am A being? I identify as an attack helicopter, being flown by a hornet, trapped in a coke can.
  3. Shadow69

    Lets start a war Pt. 2

    Over here, we call them english muffins
  4. Shadow69

    Post a Truth, Beginning With Yourself

    That's on the person receiving truth to find. But, typically, find the part of a true statement, about yourself (Said by another) that pisses you off the most.
  5. Shadow69

    Post a Truth, Beginning With Yourself

    Nothing at all, and that's the point. Who do people go to when they actually want good advice? Honest conversation? A good laugh? A thought provoking moment? Do they go to someone who is going to coddle their feelings and tell them "everything is gonna be alright"? Hell no, they call up the...
  6. Shadow69

    Post a Truth, Beginning With Yourself

    When in a conversation, don't be in it. In general, be a liar. Treat everyone as if they have no idea that they are, indeed, sentient beings, capable of rational thought and understanding.
  7. Shadow69

    Post a Truth, Beginning With Yourself

    In what sense?
  8. Shadow69

    Post a Truth, Beginning With Yourself

    a therapist that did a psyche eval on me. What makes me an asshole? the way I approach conversations (Debate mainly) and the fact that facts don't give a shit about anyone's feelings, and in general, neither do i. Not to say I am not empathetic, but, I quickly separate feeling from any...
  9. Shadow69

    Post a Truth, Beginning With Yourself

    I am a medically diagnosed asshole (No bullshit)
  10. Shadow69

    What Gift would you give the Person above you?

    I would if I didn't have to replace all of mine this year (Bow included, don't ask)
  11. Shadow69

    What Gift would you give the Person above you?

    and I gift you my multi-season elk tag, and a custom made skinning knife
  12. Shadow69

    Would you have sex with the Avatar Icon above you?

    No, cool avatar though. Just not my type
  13. Shadow69

    New to this site Female 30year

    Welcome! Do enjoy the party
  14. Shadow69


    One thing to consider is personal hygiene. A dog's tongue is long and they have no qualms about hitting both holes in one swipe. This can lead to infection. Admittedly I am male, But, I have heard that women are taught to wipe front to back for the same reason.
  15. Shadow69

    How to tell or find out if other people are zoos ?

    Fact of the matter, there is no easy way to do so. In attempting it, you are pretty much forced to out yourself.
  16. Shadow69

    Breastfeeding who tried it?

    You have to commit to a regiment and stick with it. Inducing lactation takes some time AND commitment. It doesn't happen overnight.
  17. Shadow69

    Fun fact about yourself

    I am a medically diagnosed asshole (No I am not joking) and I make knives
  18. Shadow69

    We need to report all child pornography on animalpornrocks as soon as possible

    Agreed, I can't even seem to find the download button
  19. Shadow69

    Best lifelike horse dildo for beginners?

    Check elypse art, they have a couple that might be right up your alley.
  20. Shadow69

    My mate is getting agressive towards other males and I feel awful about it.

    You might try to locate a trainer with a background in reactive dogs. While it doesn't seem that your dog is reactive, he is showing many of the same temperment issues that many reactive dogs have. Those trainers, having the specialized background that they have, could be a huge boon for you.
  21. Shadow69

    Has anyone ever met up with other zoos on this site?

    It means they are typically insecure and attempt to overcompensate (simplification). In the BDSM world this spells out a very dangerous situation that submissives can find themselves in. At that point they are not dealing with Dominants ( doms are confident in themselves, their abilities, and...
  22. Shadow69

    The best dog dildo's?

    Elypse art
  23. Shadow69

    How do you hide your porn?

    I use pixie dust and a .45
  24. Shadow69

    NOT in my Bedroom (ABC)

    Orphan children
  25. Shadow69


    Rope, spankings, lactation, predator/prey, some corporal, forced orgasms, orgasm denial, pumping, fire and ice... (I think that's it?)
  26. Shadow69

    What's your biggest flaw?

    I tend to be more than a little abrasive. I call things for what they are
  27. Shadow69

    Bump if you masturbated today