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    Last game you played

    First off, sorry if this has already been done, if so it can be deleted, So as the title says, what is the last game you played? Can be anything from video game to tabletop. for me it was fortnite.
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    Question for zoo virgins

    Do before I ask the question please let me know if this is in the wrong section, thank you now onto the questions This may sound like an odd question but, there are times where I will really want to play around with a dog and it can last for a few days, then will go away so in waves but...
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    New member

    New to the site, been a zoo for many years still semi virgin, always up for chatting but very shy, I do love dogs and horses, looking forward to making new friends hopefully, Pronouns he:him they:them or she:her please no sir gentleman is ok any questions please message me, have a great day