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    How are you feeling at the moment?

    Stressed, tired, emotions are messed up if I had a dog would snuggle it to feel better.
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    What are you Thinking right now?

    Wondering why the weather has to be crap today, will I finally get a video of the issue with the sink, Will some of this stress go away, will I ever have my first time with a dog or horse? and my last two thoughts, there are a lot of amazing people here, and I’m still sleepy need more sleep.
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    Bump if you horny

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    What are you Thinking right now?

    Wondering when the hell things will get better for me this year.
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    Favorite Animal? Doesn’t need to be sexual

    Dogs wolves foxes lions tigers cats
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    How are you feeling at the moment?

    Concerned, but also pretty good, for now maybe a bit sleepy but I can’t tell.
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    New here!

    Welcome and enjoy your time here.
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    2021 Zoo Pride Week plans??

    Gotta agree, way better off without someone like that, as for my zoo pride week plans, nothing sadly, if I was going to visit someone I know would probably cuddle with their dog who massively loves me.
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    A Desire I've Had For A Long Time.

    It is a nice fantasy of mine, however I know it won’t happen, least with a pack of wolves, Far as a stray or anything like that I’ll admit whenever I see a dog being walked or in a car I wonder what it would be like, however I know to not do anything stupid so thoughts stay in my head.
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    How are you feeling at the moment?

    Still hurting from yesterday, but getting better, just really confused and unsure
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    Bump if you horny

    bump as well
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    Heya guys!

    If you ever need someone to chat with or another furry I’m always here
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    Heya guys!

    Hiya and welcome, may your time be wonderful here.
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    Last game you played

    First off, sorry if this has already been done, if so it can be deleted, So as the title says, what is the last game you played? Can be anything from video game to tabletop. for me it was fortnite.
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    I just joined and I want to talk to someone like minded as I have a LOT of fellings to get out...

    Welcome please enjoy your time. If you ever need someone to talk to I’m always free.
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    Ohio Fella

    welcome and enjoy your stay
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    How are you feeling at the moment?

    kinda down, self doubt at the moment.
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    What's your biggest flaw?

    My flaws being blind, and my left shoulder makes it really difficult to raise my arm up fully, can only do it a bit past half way.
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    How old are you?

    29 going on ghe big 30 later this year.
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    What animal would you like to fuck you today?

    A pack of wolves, even just two, or any medium to large male dog or female dog or wolf, for my first time would be amazing.
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    How are you feeling at the moment?

    Groggy just waking up but otherwise feeling alright.
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    where was the riskiest that you have masturbated

    While out in a public walking trail, found a small shaded area by some trees, recorded it but didn’t get to finish due to a lady and her small dog coming around.
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    What's the story behind your username?

    Simple, I love wolves plus the year I joined here
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    Gender, Sexual Orientation/Preference and Age

    NB male pansexual prefer males humans bi for animals about 30 somewhere around there, feel free to message if wanting to chat.
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    Biggest fantasy that you would live out?

    Would love to do more zoo stuff, biggest fantasy I have is to be used as a wolf packs fuck toy, let them mount me anytime andfill my mouth and ass with their cum and have them piss all over and in me
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    I need help to get the knot

    Going off something I read before, if it is your first time as well as the dogs try missionary position, sounds to me like he gets excited to fast, would maybe say loosen up more might make it easier, Only going off what I’ve read due to never having a chance yet.
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    what animal do you wish you could fuck most?

    Would love to fuck a wolf both male and female, same with large dogs, be used for the pack, and if it was doable a lion a white tiger and a snow leopard.
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    Question for zoo virgins

    Fully understandable on the points brought up, toys do help I am sure sounds fun, haven’t had time to use my own, Plus I know of no animal owners here and I’m always one to only be cautious and not do anything stupid that could get myself in trouble or hurt as well as the animal, and like...
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    Question for zoo virgins

    Do before I ask the question please let me know if this is in the wrong section, thank you now onto the questions This may sound like an odd question but, there are times where I will really want to play around with a dog and it can last for a few days, then will go away so in waves but...