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  1. goldstudservices

    Amazon sells dog as anal sex toy.

    Okay, so no idea where to post this, but I found it funny and I think a few people here might as well. Check out this item for sale on amazon. Item description is: Ạṇal ṣex ṭoy Dildɔ ṣoft Liqụid - ṣex ṭoys Ạṇal Plụgs for Wọṃen - ṣex ṭoys for Her - Vibrạṭor ṣtimulatọr Eṇhancer for ṃen - Ạṇal Plụg...
  2. goldstudservices

    I just realized I never introduced myself.

    I just realized tonight that I have not made a formal introduction. I am not zoo but I am zoo friendly. Most of my friends are zoo and I prefer to associate with zoos because zoos seem to treat their animals with more compassion than normal's generally do. For those who are not already familiar...