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  1. Doggy1986

    Just wondering

    Was just wondering what woman think about guys being fucked by dog cock and getting knotted
  2. Doggy1986

    How long does your knotting last

    Today got knotted for 20-25 mins. How long does yours last
  3. Doggy1986

    Need some help

    Try to make love to my Shepard girl. I finger her and she enjoys it she drools. But i Cant stick my cock in her. I try to stick it in but it wont fit. Any tips ?
  4. Doggy1986

    I need help to get the knot

    Like the title says i need help getting the knot. My boi has been fucking me now for a couple of months now. But no knot he pounds the hell out of me. I know there is a guide on here read it multiple times , asked many ppl the only thing i get is he needs to grow in you. Yea i get that but how...
  5. Doggy1986

    Feeling high

    Just had to share my story. Came home from work today. Let my boy inside and we go to our spot. He gets wild i take my pants of and Starts kicking my ass and cock. I don't even have time to get down on my knees and he's already mounting me. I get on my knees grab his cock to guide him in and...
  6. Doggy1986


  7. Doggy1986


    I would like to know how you receive a knot