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  1. FemboyDoggyLover

    Hello everyone 26 Male, South Carolina

    Hiii! Welcome very handsome boy you have there!! <3
  2. FemboyDoggyLover


    Better show us! Haha
  3. FemboyDoggyLover

    Quad Cities zoo?

    Hiii welcome! ^w^ hmuu did you'd love to chat to another femboy bottom <3
  4. FemboyDoggyLover

    New toys from exotic erotics!

    Nothing yet xP
  5. FemboyDoggyLover

    EmoPup harley?

    Heiii, always loved all their videos such a cutie! I was wondering if anybody knew what happened to them?? They made quite a bit of zoo vids with multiple different dogs super hot cutie.
  6. FemboyDoggyLover

    Suis-je le seul jeune zoophile ?

    Bonjour! Je suis un ptit 19 ans du Canada, pm moi pour parler ♡
  7. FemboyDoggyLover

    18yo m new

    Hiii uwu i love doggies and would love to play with a horse's big dick any chance i could. Hope you stick around and make loads of friends!
  8. FemboyDoggyLover

    New toys from exotic erotics!

    Just bought the Murray and Bernard life casted doggy cocks from exotic erotics!!! Since i dont have a big k9 to breed me guess this is the next best thing xP, if any owner are near the Ottawa, canada location and would like to help me lose my virginity to a k9 plz please hmu! Ill def be...
  9. FemboyDoggyLover

    My new boyfriend

    Adorable!!!! :gsd_love::gsd_love::gsd_love:
  10. FemboyDoggyLover

    What is your go to music genre

    No punk???
  11. FemboyDoggyLover

    New from Canada

    Welcome from a 19 Ottawa femboy!! ^w^ Msg me we can def chat about stuff!
  12. FemboyDoggyLover

    Who's Your Animal Crossing Crush?

    My bf tells me i look like flick x33
  13. FemboyDoggyLover

    Who's Your Animal Crossing Crush?

    Okay, so def Flick, how can you not say Raymond??? 100% agreed with Beauu <3 Cherry! Uhm yess Fang can knot me allll dayy:husky_love: Aaaand daddy Rolf x3
  14. FemboyDoggyLover

    New Trans Girl!

    thank you very much!
  15. FemboyDoggyLover

    New Trans Girl!

    Welcome! :gsd_happysmile:
  16. FemboyDoggyLover

    What toy to use without dog at home?

    if youd like to take the real thing, id check out exotic erotic's, they have life casted k9's, so exact silicone copies of doggy cocks! ^w^
  17. FemboyDoggyLover

    Animal dildo videos on pornhub

    you should def go for an Exotic Erotic's canine cock ;3 life cast of actual k9's
  18. FemboyDoggyLover

    Animal dildo videos on pornhub

    i do too! ^w^ he's fantastic!
  19. FemboyDoggyLover

    Most realistic dog cock toy?

    Oooomg I didn't know about this!!! I'm definitely going to get one of them!!! ^w^ thank you veryyyy much!
  20. FemboyDoggyLover

    Most realistic dog cock toy?

    Heya i dont have any means of being bred by a real doggy so i suppose a toy would be the next best thing! I already have a medium Rex from bad dragon but i was looking at the ones from elypse art. Any other recommendations and or reviews would be super appreciated ^w^.
  21. FemboyDoggyLover

    Hello, hello~

    Welcome ^w^ Loooove the name!
  22. FemboyDoggyLover

    Cum in own mouth

    mhm i have, self-facials and all in my mouth ^w^ loveee it!
  23. FemboyDoggyLover

    how canadians handle lockdown

    welp, im doing my part i guess x3
  24. FemboyDoggyLover

    What your Sexual experience with dogs

    My friend let me dogsit his German Shephard and i sucked on him and jerked him :gsd_happysmile:, unfortunately he's neutered :gsd_sad: Ive always been close to his dog and he loved when i was doing it :gsd_happysmile::gsd_happysmile::gsd_happysmile:
  25. FemboyDoggyLover

    Hello everyone, i wanted to do this... stuff? With my husky but im a little scared.

    Good job!! im guessing theres gonna be many more times now ;3?
  26. FemboyDoggyLover

    What type and color underwear are you wearing?

    Pink boyshorts I just got from TomboyX ^w^
  27. FemboyDoggyLover

    Found this in a 10-year-ago post on bad dragon fourm, what's your idea about this?

    They are nice but doesn't compare to this one^^^