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    Why is coming out so important to you?

    You see things way too black or white. Obviously sharing such things to a known ''zealot'' is a dumb idea. I've shared it with my closest friend, he seemed to have no idea that zoophilia existed. Then he joked about it and we have since talked about all that in details. He's totally fine with...
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    Advices on how to introduce my new dog (Great Dane) to my cat.

    Hello all. So in about a month I'm gonna pick up my new(and first) Great Dane bitch, who is gonna be around 10 months old at the time. What I know about her is that she lived in a small courtyard with 2 other Danes, she had her heat about 2 weeks ago, and that she is okay-ish with other dogs and...
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    How told to my girlfriend ?

    I guess that this was directed towards me. I don't want to be very specific for obvious reasons, but I will generalize and say Balkans, since I know for a fact that almost all Balkans countries share the non-illegal/no one cares mindset towards zoophilia.
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    Why is coming out so important to you?

    I've only shared that with my most close people. I don't think it's anyone else's business and I don't think I will ever share it with anyone else. 1.My best friend, we know each other since 8-9 years old. We are 25-26 now. 2.My GF of 6+ years. We know each other for around 8 years. Now to...
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    Organizing locally

    Sometimes I feel sad that most people on this forum that seem normal(not trolls or retards), that I would have a chat with/meet IRL are from the US... Meeting anyone or creating any local meetups seems kinda impossible for EU members of the forum, mainly due to language/country barriers... So...
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    Why is it so hard to make new friends?

    I don't think this is a place to make friends. Don't forget that most people here are zoos and zoo stuff is what they are here for. Most ppl are not here to make friends, but to share some zoo related experience, learn something about a specific animal and/or breed, share something about their...
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    How told to my girlfriend ?

    That's not always the case. I've tested waters on this matter with my GF for about 1-2 years by throwing random conversations about homosexuality/pedophilia/zoophilia whenever I found a chance. Тhe only time I got brave enough, and randomly out of the blue asked her opinion on zoos, she said "I...
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    Any straight zoos out there

    Ye, we are kinda rare here, maybe like 10-15%. I'm into bitches ,mares and female humans, have a much stronger attraction towards bitches and mares than female humans tho, but have 0 interest in male horses/humans/dogs. A huge chunk of the community is gay/bi. The other huge chunk is straight...
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    Confessing my zoo side to my closest friend

    Its quite a good read and a good point of view but ill leave that matter for another time as it is not the point of the post, i got a little carried away :D
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    My boys whine when they know what they are getting is this normal ?

    If that ass is yours on your profile picture id while too if i knew whats coming and if i have to wait for my turn or share it. :D
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    Confessing my zoo side to my closest friend

    The only reason i would approve religion is because it has a god-fearing effect on many religious people, and stripping that off by proving to them somehow that their god doesnt exist(and thus they wouldnt be judged by him), would make the world a worse place in a snap. Im pretty sure a lot of...
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    Confessing my zoo side to my closest friend

    @TeslaModel3 It sure sounds like a good escape route, but when such a word spreads and i live with a bunch of great danes and all of them ''happens'' to be female, then bashing the rumors off becomes really hard. And then theres the reason i wouldnt tell way too much people(or people that im...
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    Confessing my zoo side to my closest friend

    @SigmatoZeta Ive always considered myself (and most people do as well) as a guy that stands his ground and i dont really like when someone is abusing another person/animal etc. I also am a bit of a jerk and a semi self-righteous jack mule as u state it but when it comes to religion, im really...
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    Confessing my zoo side to my closest friend

    @TeslaModel3 Thanks for the answer and sorry for that bad experience of yours! I've always seen the difference between coming out to a friend vs coming out to a partner is very different, maybe because a partner is sharing a bed with you while the friend wouldnt care what holes u poke, and this...
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    Confessing my zoo side to my closest friend

    First i want to thank all of you guys and this community and forum, i am not very active (i plan to change that), but all the stories and thoughts on a lot of topics got me thinking about things, and im pretty sure that i wouldnt have ''confessed'' to my friend, and thus making my life easier if...
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    Body types on Zoo's

    Can't say about others since i don't know any other zoos IRL, but from my perspective it's nothing like that at all. I am 24 right now and i have been fit and very good looking since around 15 when i started going to the gym. I have had a period of 3-4 years when i had 6pack abs and now i am not...
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    Are we the most persecuted minority?

    I wanna start by saying i give 0 fu*ks about pedos and people in general (its just who i am i love and care about animals but wouldnt bat an eye if humanity ends today). But its just funny to me looking at all that judgemental mentality of zoos towards pedos for example. Do you people even...