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    Need Advice

    Just set up a cmaera or 2, good lighting is the key for good footage. maybe get a full scene shot and stick 2nd camera underneath to get the knotting close up But that just my opinion i'm not an expert by any means
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    Post the last image / clip you saved

    love this shirt=fuckin awesome, lol
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    Subtle Zoo Tattoo

    Maybe paw prints on each side of ur slut tattoo=dog slut, lol
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    Which dog has the biggest cock?

    Oh please share a pic of that?, lol
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    affordable extension/sheath

    Looking for an affordable cock sheath/extension that comfortable for me to wear and feels good to lady. Like it about 7-9 Inches total length and thick/girthy. My lady doens't love depth but love girth. TIY
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    Pup Help

    correct it, he can learn when and where it is acceptable to hump/mount, but dont let him do it anytime he wants IMO
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    Celebrities who are into beastiality?

    I'd say that's one lucky photographer that's for sure, lol
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    New Here Owner of a playful, trained Pit.

    Lucky guys, lol Love to see her tattoo in the lewd zoo tattoo thread?
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    Post the last image / clip you saved

    now that would make a great video. A woman riding around on a horse with that saddle, lol
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    Welcome PA here too
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    New Year Resolutions 2021?

    Find a ladie(s) for my doggy so he can get laid, lol
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    Anybody else going to masturbate to Zoo, today?

    I would if i could find any new , good vids. Seems they're not as many as there used to be out there. And many sites seem to be shutting down
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    Post your toys!

    love to see u riding one of those lava lamps?, lol
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    Bump if your lonley and horny

    always, lol
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    Post your toys!

    oh my are all those tats perminent? Love em
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    What's the story behind your username?

    wow what a view=sexy
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    What type and color underwear are you wearing?

    Let me know if u make it east to PA?, lol
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    What type and color underwear are you wearing?

    OMG so hot=wish u guys were closer you seem like sooo much fun
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    Who Is your favourite beastiality actress ??

    Alison- takes huges knots and gives great Bj's , Lise and Vixen
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    Have you ever told your s/o about you being into zoophilia and it not go well?

    What a moron look at everything he's missing out on. You go Girl
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    ZOO and families

    Wow ur a lucky lady wish I had a wife like you, lol
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    We're heeeere! :)

    where can we find ur podcasts? Maybe post a link here please?
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    Would You Apear In A Zoo Xxx Movie,

    U can always post it here, lol
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    Pizza delivery! But, you have no clothes on...

    I've see a ton of videos on the net about the pizza delivery challenge, women answering door naked. Maybe some ladies here could bless us with these type of videos, teasing the pizza boy or girl?
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    Anyone else get turned on by gaping pussy?

    maybe we should start a gaping photo link?
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    Zooville vs BeastForum

    I can send you a mask Knotinterested, lol
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    Zoo Porn Titles

    Knot Allowed, Scooby Scroo, Under Dog (The True Story), Thank You Knot Interested, Canadian Mounties (A Dogs Tale), Dr Dogsalittle,
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    wow that's quite a good story, what did she say?, love to hear more about that.
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    Anyone else? Scooby doo fantasy or movie

    lol Thanks wasbitchpolly for your posts.