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The Fish Tank

The Fish Tank

Hey, I’m Fish.

Truth be told, I’ve been eager to start this blog for a while now. I’m a natural-born story teller, always eager to share my experiences with others. I waited for a bit because I was largely unsure of myself and I was still relatively new. But now that I’ve integrated into the community a little more and I’ve thought things out, I want to give this a try.

I’m just going to be telling stories and how being a zoo kind of affects certain aspects of my life. It’s not something I always think about or that has a huge impact on my life, but I do experience certain aspects of life differently from my non-zoo friends and family. Who knows? Maybe the other zoos reading will be able to relate. As for the non-zoos, y’all can just stick around and have your curiosity satisfied.

Some quick background info before we get this started: I’m a woman and I do have an animal partner who I’ll be referring to as “Rio” (easy to remember). I’m currently not dating any humans, and I have a pretty busy life outside of this site, so I’ll pretty much be updating this when I feel like it.

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Enjoyable and touching, look forward to more.
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
Thank you so much! It means a lot
Surprisingly sweet and innocent.
Jewelry Fish
Jewelry Fish
“Surprisingly”? What’s that supposed to mean?! Lmao. Thanks, Fatty.