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  1. Wasbitchpolly

    Are people really that blind?

    I actively avoid being noticed
  2. Wasbitchpolly

    Question for the ladies: missionary or cowgirl for first time intercourse with a lovely male Labrador Retriever?

    Our preferred position is missionary especially if your a beginner as it gives you more control cow girl sometimes gets frowned on here and gets called dilldogging but me and my boy do it but be careful a dogs penis is quite delicate
  3. Wasbitchpolly

    Which breed has the biggest knot?

    It varies ...no two are the same
  4. Wasbitchpolly

    Cultural acceptance of bestiality is inevitable

    And who exactly do you think will remove him ? And why ? Who’s going to say vote for me because I’m zoo ? nobody !!
  5. Wasbitchpolly

    How big can I inflate toy in myself?

    Pump till it hurts
  6. Wasbitchpolly

    Does anyone know what's up with the iKnot.club invites?

    I could tell you but you have to promise...scouts honour not to tell
  7. Wasbitchpolly

    Random question for the girls with vaginas lol.

    Damm I spat my coffee out at the “we girls” ....where’s my towel
  8. Wasbitchpolly

    Did you lose your virginity ?

    Oh honey don’t fuss so one day you might lose yours and you can tell us all about it
  9. Wasbitchpolly

    Random question for the girls with vaginas lol.

    Took the words right out of my mouth and saved me 20 minutes stumbling over a damm virtual keyboard
  10. Wasbitchpolly

    Did you lose your virginity ?

    Ooh that’s so clever of you to find gifs so easily but I suppose computers and such is a guy thing , we women sort of stumble about and click everything till we get it right...do you know in all of this neighbourliness I’ve quite forgotten what this thread was about, is it the favourite cock or...
  11. Wasbitchpolly

    Did you lose your virginity ?

    Ah yes most remiss of me to leave out self entitled , sorry I was having a blonde moment there....oops you wouldn’t know about that either, but then again I think your being a naughty boy , I’ve a women’s feeling...ooops sorry another thing you wouldn’t know about, anyway I digress I’ve a...