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    A Question for Guys into Mares

    I apologize for the long delay in acknowledging your responses. I am much better informed.
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    A Question for Guys into Mares

    I've noticed a slight difference between the size of a human dick and that of a horse. It seems to me that fucking a mare wouldn't get her very excited. Obviously, I know nothing about the sensitivity of a horse vagina. Does the mare get much out of being fucked by a man?
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    Women How many times are knotted a day on average?

    I've wondered about about organizations like that attracting Zoos. On the other hand, the people at the local SPCA might have the PETA mentality. IDK. Never mind me. Keep talking about being knotted.
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    Purpose of Zooville

    I just read your About section, and well, um...maybe there was a glitch and it was deleted..?
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    Do You Have Any Heroes in the World of Beastiality?

    In addition, does anyone know of someone who has openly promoted or shed a positive light on those of us into beastiality and zoohphilia? I know about the psychologist Andrea Beetz and sexologist Hani Miletski. Both have published favorable books on the topic. I don't remember which, bout one of...
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    Purpose of Zooville

    I think it would be great if all the members wrote something about themselves in the About section of their profile. Doesn't this site exist so like minded people can get to know each other?
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    Do You Have Any Heroes in the World of Beastiality?

    Mine would be Adam from Zooskool and Art of Zoo for risking a great deal and spending so much of his life making great movies. He has spent about 20 years spreading the beauty of beastiality around the world. Of course, that would not have been possible without the great ladies that starred in...
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    Top things not to say during sex

    I feel like ordering a pizza. Want some? Today at work I... Is your sister coming to visit soon?
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    What does being knotted feel like?

    I appreciate your detailed response of the knotting. As an observer, I get really excited when she is in the missionary position. I can see the hot-blooded expression on her face. I've seen quite a few encounters where the lady is looking up at the dog with love in her eyes. Also, it's really...
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    Fucked by more than one dog on a single session

    That's impressive. I'm guessing you go to bed every night eager to start another day.
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    Could you just Watch?

    I'm with you Ghostwolf81. I would get off eating the dog cum out of her once the dog has finished humping her. And if it turned her on, I'd really like it if she wanted share sucking on the dog's cock.
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    Could you just Watch?

    Awww, damn. Now I'm sad. ? needs a ?
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    How loud do you like getting with your animals?

    Three cheers for the enthusiastic lady! I think dogs really like it when people talk to them and say positive things about their behavior. It helps strengthen the bond between the two of you.
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    Ladies Please Explain apparent love for sucking on dogs

    I've seen women giving blow jobs in real life and videos. None of them are as enthusiastic, hungry as the women I've watched sucking a dogs cock. The sucking and swallowing seems to satisfy a carnal lust only a canine can satisfy. Is it just my imagination, or do you ladies absolutely love...