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    Zaruxin - Alternative word for masturbators!

    I am not going to suggest a word since they all now seem to be taken. The author did say that dildo us a sexy word, is it? Or is it just due to what that word is associated with, basically a thing that women use inside themselves 😊
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    Walking in on...

    I would watch at the least, might pick up some pointers 😋
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    Penis pump for dog

    I couldn't have said it better!
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    Canine Penis Size Comparison

    As much as I do love, and yes I do love a big cock, a lot is technique and other things as well. My personal opinion is all cocks are welcome in me
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    Missionary questions for medium-size dogs

    Very true, my first time with a dog I tried having him mount me and it wasn't working but missionary did. I was at the edge of the sofa, lifted him up and I could guide him to the prize lol. We did not knot that time which was probably a good thing, would have freaked me out. But I do still...
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    Would you have coffee with the person above you?

    And can I post under my post and have coffee with myself? Would that be masturbation 😋
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    Would you have coffee with the person above you?

    So rather than just saying yes lol, I did checkout johnterry's profile which says if you want to know more just ask. I figure that is perfect coffee conversation so yes 😊
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    Men, what's your dick size?

    Not so much hitting the right spot but being a good lover, I am wondering if hung guys put everything into the size of their cocks rather than finding a multitude of ways to please a woman
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    Men, what's your dick size?

    So I have enjoyed scrolling along and seeing all the pictures if you nice *members* 😉 I didn't look at all the pictures but it seems there are only the biggest ones posted not anyone else. And from having been with *some* men the numbers seem to be skewed a bit to the larger than what I have...
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    Creative breeding positions?

    I have tried a few different positions that say maybe try with a human partner but few have worked lol. I am with zoolise and I enjoy cowgirl but yes you have to be gentile, I get really excited so have to watch myself. Missionary is nice but doggie it pretty much the standard lol, beyond that...
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    what animal do you wish you could fuck most?

    Yes I have seen that one why do you think I want to try it 😋
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    I see that you don't know where women squirt from, since having anything in me doesn't effect how I squirt, either that or I don't quite understand what you are asking
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    Yes I can squirt, I do it quite often which can be messy of course, I always keep a towel around for obvious reasons. And yes I do with my dog as well
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    What does being knotted feel like?

    I love that as well that big knot going in and out of you just feels amazing, no other way to say it
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    Do certain breeds have a higher libido than others?

    From my experience there is not one breed that is more *sexual* than another, it seems to go to the individual animal, much like with us, some people are more sexual than others, why? I have no idea, just the way it is