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    Couple from Germany - newbies seeking for experiences

    Welcome and good luck with the site, how good to have someone to share this with. Cheers from Australia LL Have fun and be safe.
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    It always excited me a lot

    You are not the only one, lots people here with a similar story
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    Welcome I am sure you will find amazing content, if you choose to share some that will make ZV only a better place. cheers LL
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    Newcomer from Southern Ontario

    Hi welcome have fun and enjoy the forum, stay safe cheers LL
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    Bi Ftm Aussie new to the zoo community

    Now you have posted 10 times you will have a start conversation button cheers and welcome @shelly
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    21M from Australia

    Welcome enjoy the forum plenty of Australians on here try this link for NSW people at least Cheers LL
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    Bestiality Books - anyone have access ?

    Happy to help any one Cheers LL Enjoy
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    Need help

    Hi welcome you won't be able edit until you can post DMs each that happens after so many posts
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    27f 29m married couple UK

    Cheers welcome be safe have fun.
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    I'm new

    cheers & Welcome stay safe have fun!! LL
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    hello be safe have fun and enjoy!! Cheers LL
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    When did you accept that you liked bestiality?

    After 50 years I am now convinced that it doesn't go away, I have tried to repress it, but oh how I love it. Zooville has helped me understand and accept, as for sharing that's another story.
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    High.drunk? Both?

    Sometimes I am all 3 at once. DRUNK STONED or STUPID! Tried to upload a picture but have not mastered that yet. Must be all three! Lol Must ha sobered up.
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    New zoo on the block

    Cheers and Welcome stay safe and have fun.
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    hello from australia!!!

    Welcome enjoy Zooville cheers LL Port Stephens NSW