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    Has anyone ever craved dog dick so bad that they looked for a stray dog to fuck?

    Bet you have a few interesting stories!
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    I think my girlfriend may be a zoo

    I would be happy to volunteer to be conferenced in to your next call in order to render a professional opinion!🤣👍
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    What animal was your first?

    Do you think mom wondered why her dog suddenly started trying to lick her and hump her leg? 🤣
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    Absolutely loved your story!! A very exciting read!!
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    How can I convince my dog not to be sterilized?

    “Ha ha, Biff! Mom says we’re going to the vet so I can get tutored!” Far Side 🤣
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    Farewell Betty White

    RIP, Ms Betty. You will be missed. Loved her in Lake Placid.
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    What's the last thing you smelled?

    A smelly pirate hooker in the French Quarter!
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    What's the dirtiest thing you've ever done?

    In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, opening a refrigerator that had been without power for two weeks. BIG mistake! Closed it back up and took it to the dump.
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    I popped my ElypseArt today 😭

    Wonder what that equates to in PSI?
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    Is it a double standard?

    I was going back to Aliens and the breakfast table conversation. I thought that’s what you were referring to.
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    Which Celebrity Would You Watch & With What Animal?

    A Republican elephant, no doubt!🤣
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    Is it a double standard?

    I thought Areturian referred to poon-tang? 😂
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    I popped my ElypseArt today 😭

    They certainly seem to have gotten their money’s worth out of it.
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    I’m lowkey obsessing with Lynn lew

    Formerly Whitney Wisconsin. Some folks have had offline dealings with her that apparently didn’t go so well. My first encounter with her was via her utube video giving 10 reasons dog sex is preferable to people sex. As always, there are at least two sides to every story. If you search, you can...