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    Sexiest Dog Breeds!

    Bernese mountain dogs 😍 I wanna dive to this fur!
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    Dog for the first time

    Thats good. But what about Bernese Mountain Dogs (I love em more😁)
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    Dog for the first time

    Sorry. I wanted to say "Но почему именно они", but yandex.translator is not so good 😄
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    Dog for the first time

    Okay, they are handsome. But why are they named?
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    Zoo is good!

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    Favorite breed of dog

    Bernen Sennenhund ?❤️
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    У кого-нибудь есть оригинальное видео с Паниным и его собакой? Очень хочется на это посмотреть))
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    Mating foxes figurine

    I have found it when I was searching “mating foxes” images in Google. Link for buying:
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    Dog for the first time

    Hi, dear friends! I’m bisexual zoo guy and want to try sex with male dog (I’m bottom). Please, advise me what breed of dogs will be the best for my first anal zoosex? Additionally: I’m so in love with really big dogs, especially with alaskan malamutes?. I really want to be fucked in my ass by...
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    Zoo memes

    Some of my own Send here some your zoo memes ;)
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    Zoophile crushes!

    Ohhhh yeaaah love them ☺️
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    What song are you listening to?

    Periphery - Satellites