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  1. Doggy1986

    Knotting Preference's,

    How can you make your dog turn
  2. Doggy1986

    Who got fucked by their dog today?

    Does he know about it
  3. Doggy1986

    Preparing for Knot advice (women specific)

    Well for me (male) i said to myself just take it like a Man
  4. Doggy1986


  5. Doggy1986

    Just wondering

    Was just wondering what woman think about guys being fucked by dog cock and getting knotted
  6. Doggy1986

    Moms into the lifestyle!

    Plz do tell
  7. Doggy1986

    Moms into the lifestyle!

    Wauw you ladies are fabulous
  8. Doggy1986

    Cum obsession anyone?

    Love cum would love to try horses
  9. Doggy1986

    Feeling Disgusted After Jerking Off

    I had this sometimes After being fucked by a guy
  10. Doggy1986

    Hello from Germany

    Hello from belgium
  11. Doggy1986

    Women How many times are knotted a day on average?

    Mine does it he pushes with his head and starts hopping around
  12. Doggy1986

    How long does your knotting last

    Today got knotted for 20-25 mins. How long does yours last
  13. Doggy1986

    Would You Apear In A Zoo Xxx Movie,

    Would love you see it hot body btw
  14. Doggy1986

    Would You Apear In A Zoo Xxx Movie,

    Is it online ?