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    Petplay, being naked around a dog

    I think that you shouldn't press yourself if you're in or not. You just should try to embrace what you're feeling at the moment, and you'll figure it out eventually. If you press it too much maybe you'll get even more confused
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    Petplay, being naked around a dog

    Well, i have seen people into petplay that even think that doing stuff with animals is wrong, so, i wouldn't relate one thing to another. But it's true that certain people enjoy the concept of "being "low" as a dog" or to "get on a dog's level". Some also like to claim that they're the dog's...
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    Bump if you've just had sex with your dog

    New bumper around here. Btw late bump around two weeks ago
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    Do you enjoy talking to other zoos?

    I strongly support this
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    What song are you listening to? Now's your chance to be a [BIG SHOT]
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    Newbie wanting to say hi from Australia 🇦🇺

    Welcome and glad you joined, hope you can find that someone to take a "good ride"
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    new here :)

    Welcome from the southern part of the world
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    Cómo le hacen para tener sexo con sus perros en casa concurrida?

    Que mala leche ! igual si sabre de coincidencias que no se dan. Del vamos para poder lograr algo en mi caso dependo de muchos factores que se den al mismo tiempo y bueno. Basicamente no suelen darse. Pero te re entiendo
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    Post the last image / clip you saved

    Gotta love Messi
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    How is it to get fucked by a Pug?

    Poor pugs, they're biologically unable to do many things
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    Hello I am Samantha

    That's good, i meant in a good way
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    Hello I am Samantha

    She's making a revolution in here. amazing
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    Welcome !
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    trans to dog

    Works as well
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    trans to dog

    Just plug a toy on you