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    Doggy gift

    I think he'll be a very lovely companion. But keep in mind that labs need to excercise. He'll have lots of energy. If you can keep him and take good care of him i'm pretty sure he'll be a very nice dog. Now in terms of how he'll be when he grows... both dogs are medium sized so he'll be a...
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    Question about sex with male dogs- how good does it feel and why, considering it doesnt last long?

    I think the original poster is saying that the "humping" part is short. The whole intercourse may last like you said. It's cool to know tho
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    New Here From Texas ζ

    Welcome and glad to have another cool member
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    new to zoo!

    Feel welcome, these stories can be really steamy lol.
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    ¿Alguna vez los atraparon?

    "Haz lo que digo, no lo que hago", es tipica
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    ¿Alguna vez los atraparon?

    Que embole, encima se re ensaño con vos
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    Post the last image / clip you saved

    Ho… mukatta kuruno ka? (Sorry i couldn't hold myself lol)
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    Your first breed and your favorite

    Getting sexual ? a dark grey female poodle, not actually mating. Actual mating? a Female rottweiler. My favorite breed i think it'd be a lab, they seem hyper like a Rottie but not that "anxious" like one
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    What do you wear in bed?

    I'm lazy i know. When it's cold i end up wearing the same clothing i'll wear tomorrow when i get up before going to work, sometimes i just take my pants off and wear a tee and a sweater. Now when it's hot i only wear boxers (i always wear them) and ocassionally all naked, not always, but i do
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    Your first time being knotted, what did you think?

    I always suggest to try the very first time holding the knot with the hand outside and just feeling the thrusts so someone can adjust mentally later
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    27f 29m married couple UK

    Have a warm welcome and enjoy
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    Your first time being knotted, what did you think?

    That's something that concerns me about telling a significant other to me to try this experience... it may be terrifying, yeah
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    Post the last image / clip you saved

    Hello Peter